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Figure 1. Flask (Python) code that enables the list of pieces to be generated from a dictionary in a script.

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Python Flask

The Creation ::Painting::

from list

DotsBW ::Pointalism::

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DotsRGB ::Pointalism::(unfinished)

from list

Muscles ::Painting::

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Me ::Just Me::

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Computer Love

Python Portfolio
A listing of various problems solved with Python and related scripting.

Quick Glimpse:
This is a graphical representation of a methane (CH4) molecule.
The 3-Dimensional coordinates were calculated (on paper) and then plotted with Matplotlib in the Python programming language.

from list

Figure 1. Matplotlib in action. Python
from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import math as m

fig = plt.figure()
ax = fig.add_subplot(111. projectionz'3d')
x = [1, 5, 3, 3, 3]
y = [1, 1, 1 +(2x m.sqrt(3)), 1 +(2/3)*m.sqrt(3). 1 +(2/3)*m.sqrt(3)]
z = [0, 0, 0, 4* m.sqrt(6)/12, (4* m.sqrt(6))/3]

a = []
b = []
c = []

for item in x:
for item in y:
for item in z:

r = np.array(a)
s = np.array(b)
t = np.array(c)

ax.set_xlabel("x axis")
ax.set_ylabel("y axis")
ax.set_zlabel("z axis")

tx = "The line is {:.2f} units long."

ax.scatter(r.s,zs = t, 5:200)

for x, y. z in zip(r. s, t):
  ax.plot30(lx, 3]. (y, 1&(2tl3mt(1/2))/3)l, (z, dnl2mx(l/2)i/(3nl3mt(1/2)))l. ‘b‘!
for x. y. z in ziplr. s. t):
  X = np.array(lx, 3.1)
  Y = np.array( ly. 1.‘(2.*(3*x(1/2.))/3.)l)
  Z = np.array(lz, 4x m.sqrt(6)/12l)

#calculate length of line
1 = np.sqrt( np.diff(X)a*2+np.diff(Y)**2¢np.diff(2)*12)
ax.plot30(X. Y. 2, ‘b')

#label the lines with the anchor at each line‘s center
ax.text(X.mean(). Y.mean(). Z.mean(). tx.format(llo1). size=10.color="r")
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Advance Protein Techniques:
Lactate Dehydrogenase Purification from Human, Homo Sapiens, Red Blood Cells.

Special thanks to Dr. Timothy J. Schuh and St. Cloud State University biology department.

Figure 1. Lactate Dehydrogenase EC (
Lactate Dehydrogenase
Click on Image to View in JSmol

LDH Purification: Page 1


LDH Purification: Page 2


LDH Purification: Page 3

Citric Acid Cycle

LDH Purification: Page 4

LDH Purification: Page 5


XXXX, the robot.
c. 2018 with Raspberry Pi.

Video 1. Spinning head of XXXX, the robot, in response to somebody getting too close.

First, you see the Python script that controls the robot's behavior. Then we see the breadboard, which serves as a platform for the distance sensor and motor driver. The small distance sensor sends out a sound wave with one component and receives the same signal with another, once it has bounced off of something in front of it. The script calculates distance from the measurement of time between out and in. If there is something within a distance of 25 cm, a current is sent to the DC motor, which spins at 25,000 rotations per minute. The motor is connected to a gear box, which slows down the output rotation and then connected to the head of the robot, which is made of styrofoam and hollowed out.

Figure 1. Representation of Raspberry Pi I/O pin layout with jumperwires connecting to a solderless breadboard. Courtesy of

LED Raspberry Pi


noun: cinema; plural noun: cinemas

a movie theater.
synonyms: movie theater, theater, multiplex, movie house; historical nickelodeon "the local cinema"

the production of movies as an art or industry. "the history of American cinema"
synonyms: films, movies, pictures, motion pictures "Italian cinema"

early 20th century: from French cinéma, abbreviation of cinématographe.

Video 1. Final project for cinematography course under Ilya Simakov.
Kino 4ft., Fresnel 2000 watt, color filters were used to create two color-distinct worlds.
Here, the two worlds meet and interact.

My Videos on YouTube

Video 2. Halfway through the semester. Davinci and Adobe Premiere.

This video was edited on Adobe Premiere from over 100 hours of footage from two camerapersons. The editing was accomplished when I was working for, my nephew's company, based out of Atlanta, GA.

-- Wedding: Caitlyn + Kenny::: Caitlyn+Kenny Wedding

"False Confidence"

Download Audio: M4A

Some music made throughout the years. Each piece was recorded live on an iPhone, sans post-production. The guitar and bass on each track is layered/looped on a JamMan Loop pedal and the drums and vocals are performed simultaneously along with the loop.


Download Audio: M4A

"Different Masturbation"

Download Audio: M4A


On SoundCloud:

Download Audio: M4A

"Toy Story"

Download Audio: M4A

Travel Through the Body.

Artist Statement:
The world is composed of an infinite number of complicated processes. Our experience of the world is housed in the human body, which itself is composed of a myriad of complex processes. In my experience, the elucidation of the workings of the world and our human experience by learning how the body works has only added to my wonder and perception of beauty of the world around and inside of us. Many believe that there is too much to learn on too many different levels to actually gain meaningful insight, and I feel a responsibility to use the biology and chemistry education that I was priveleged to receive to ease the audience into and provide a clear window to the beauty inherent in the workings of human body. With this exhibit, we wish to create an aesthetically exciting and educating representation of some of the molecular, cellular and physiological processes and characters that reside in each and every one of us.

Art by Dan DeVargas, Jacquelyn Rodinis, and Peter Rodinis


If you were to ask a physician, they'd tell you that the lumen* of your intestines is actually outside of your body. They'd say the inside of your stomach is outside your body too. Picture it. (SEE IMAGE BELOW) We could insert a 30 foot string into your MOUTH and guide it down your ESOPHOGUS , into your STOMACH, into the SMALL INTESTINE , your LARGE INTESTINE, and it would just barely make it out your RECTUM.

*In biology, a lumen (plural lumina) is the inside space of a tubular structure, such as an artery or intestine.[1] It comes from Latin lumen, meaning 'an opening'.

Figure 1. Peter, Mad Scientist. Oil on canvas by Jacquelyn Rodinis.
Jacquelyn Rodinis: Oil

Above, we see the interior of the peritoneum of a human subject with the esophagus leading down into the stomach, which connects to the small intestine, then the large intestine, comprised of ascending, transverse, then descending colon which empties through the rectum.
This is the digestive tract, which we can think of as one long tube from the mouth to the anus.

Figure 2. Mitochondrion. Color pencil by Dan DeVargas

Here is one of the many mitochondria you would find residing in each of your cells. The mitochondrion will play a big part in this exhibit because it is in this organelle that the glucose we ingest is "broken down" and plays an integral part in making ATP usable.

for piece: epithelial cell of small intestine, where the glucose gets absorbed into the body.

Figure 3. Kreb's Cycle. Color pencil by Dan DeVargas.
Kreb's Cycle

The pyruvate from glycolysis is transported into the mitochondrion and jumps into the Kreb's Cycle.

Figure 4. ATP Synthase. Color pencil by Dan Devargas.
ATP Synthase

This protein is located in the inner membrane of mitochochdria and is the agent of the chemical reaction which is final step of making ATP.

ATP: The Universal Energy Coupler
The anabolic reactions of cells are responsible for growth and repair processes, whereas catabolic reactions release the energy needed to drive the anabolic reactions and to carry out other kinds of cellular work. The efficient linking, or coupling, of energy-yielding processes to energy-requiring processes is therefore crucial to cell function. This coupling is made possible by specific kinds of molecules that conserve the energy derived from exergonic reactions and release it again when and where energy is needed. In virtually all cells, the molecule most commonly used as an energy intermediate is the phosphorylated compound adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is, in other words, the primary energy “currency” of the biological world.[2]

[1] Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 24th ed.
[2] Hardin Bertoni Kleinsmith: Becker's World of the Cell 8th ed.

For Web Development Resume
Please go here.



6321 Westwood Parkway, St. Cloud, MN 56303 · 320.250.5321 · ·




A passionate and dedicated individual looking to obtain a position as a Research Associate for xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx.




R&D Laboratory Technician                             January 2018 - Present

Microbiologics, Inc., St. Cloud, MN

·       Carried out testing, measuring, recording and analyzing of results as part of a scientific team for the advancement and development of our molecular control catalogue

·       Assisted new product development in an ISO 13485 Certified, ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited, FDA Registered establishment

·       Performed qPCR, RT-PCR, and nucleic acid extractions

·       Carried out testing on BioFire FilmArray and Torch, Cepheid Gene Xpert, BD MAX, Luminex Verigene, and Quant Studio 3


Server          March 2013 – December 2017

La Casita Mexican Restaurant, St. Cloud, MN                                                                                                       

·       In this position, I became adjusted to a fast-paced environment and developed strong interpersonal communication skills.




Bachelors in Biology                                                                                                                                                              December 2017

St. Cloud State University, Saint Cloud, MN

Relevant Coursework: Advanced Protein Techniques, Quantitative Analysis, Structure-Based Drug Design, Research, Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Genetics, Chemistry


Undergraduate Researcher

iSelf Buiding, St. Cloud State University                                                                                         September 2016 –December 2017

Project Sponsor: Chris Kvaal, St. Cloud, MN

·      Expressed and purified proteins using QiaGen Vectors and Ni-NTA Technology

·      Researched protein-protein interactions of cDNA library

·      Worked with team of students to perform yeast two-hybrid transformation



qPCR                                                                 RT-qPCR                                                              Nucleic Acid Extraction

Ion-exchange Chromatography                              SDS-PAGE                                                       Yeast Two-Hybrid

Spectrophotometry                                                    Recombinant Protein                                                 Cell Culture



Excel                                                                 Programming (Python)                                              Web Development

Edited (Adobe Premiere) -- Wedding: Caitlyn + Kenny:::

Caitlyn+Kenny Wedding
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